Bernard Aoto


Phone: (907) 474-5896
Fax: (907) 474-7271

Biography: I am a foruth year Political Science major with a minor in Justice. I am from Waianae, Hawaii and came to UAF after serving in the US Army stationed at Fort Wainwright, Alaska from 2013-2016. I have served as an active volunteer in my home community as well as in Fairbanks for the last 6 years and have been a strong advocate for the University of Alaska Fairbanks the last 3. My goals during my administration will be to increase student engagement and involvement at UAF so that students are part of the decision making process rather than just a reactionary force. Through a combination of reform and collaboration, I work to inspire more well-planned, successful events and programs for the betterment of the student body. I strive to create an inclusive and diverse dynamic within ASUAF through the creation of a more welcoming environment and further outreach to marginalized students


Presidential Powers

Defined under Article II of the constitution:

Section 1. The President shall be an ASUAF member in good academic standing (2.0 Cumulative G.P.A.)

Section 3: The President shall have the executive authority of ASUAF and shall administer its affairs, enforce the acts of the Senate, and make all appointments, except as specified otherwise.

The President also retains these powers and duties:

  • Assist students with navigating the University and various student services
  • Serve as an intermediary between the University and students seeking help
  • The power to veto any act within 6 days of its passage by the Senate, or line item veto any budgetary request. (This may be overturned by the Senate with a 2/3 vote)
  • Make any and all student appointments to University and ASUAF Committees, unless specified otherwise
  • Maintain two regular office hours per week in the ASUAF office

What can the President do for you?

  • Answer questions or assist students with any University issue
  • Voice concerns to UAF administrators and seek solutions for students
  • Connect student concerns with other student governments statewide
  • Help any student get involved!