Government Relation Director

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Peter Freymueller

(907) 474-6031


Duties of the Public Relations Director (per ASUAF Bylaws)

922. Duties of the Public Relations Director

922.1 The Public Relations Director’s duties include campus outreach, staffing, and developing campus events, providing technical assistance and recruitment to ASUAF events and functions. 922.2 Work with student leaders to positively publicize the ASUAF.

922.3 Assist with coordination of media outreach, and publicity events, to build awareness and support for the ASUAF and its positions on issues.

What can the Government Relations Director help you with?

  • Answering questions regarding current events in politics and their affects on ASUAF, UAF, or the UA system
  • Coordinating with students, administration, and political campaign groups for events such as forums, debates, or town halls at UAF
  • Contact with university, local, or state administrators
  • Any questions regarding the Government Relations Council or Juneau Legislative Advocacy trip