Public Relations Director

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Daniel Vaziri


Phone: (908) 845-5110


Hello everyone!

I was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey but I have lived all throughout the nation in states like Florida, Colorado, California, and currently in Alaska at UAF. I am currently a Junior, pursuing an Interdisciplinary Degree with minors in General Sciences, Marketing, and Sports Management. I am a people person through and through. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m always trying to make things fun. Prior to my current position I worked with the Athletics Department in event coordination and marketing. As a side stint I also emcee for many different events around campus including Pub themed events and Springfest. Stop by my office at any time if you want help with a logo or graphics design, for ASUAF sponsorship at an event, or just to talk.

Duties of the Public Relations Director (per ASUAF Bylaws)

922. Duties of the Public Relations Director

922.1 The Public Relations Director’s duties include campus outreach, staffing, and developing campus events, providing technical assistance and recruitment to ASUAF events and functions. 922.2 Work with student leaders to positively publicize the ASUAF.

922.3 Assist with coordination of media outreach, and publicity events, to build awareness and support for the ASUAF and its positions on issues.

What can the Public Relations Director help you with?

  • Logo or graphic design for marketing/promotional purposes
  • Publicity for student run events or services
  • Provide public comment on behalf of ASUAF as the Official Spokesperson
  • Any issues regarding the ASUAF website